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Oil and Gas

Oil & GasReliability and safety are most essential in oil and gas applications.  TF Seals offers a wide range of mechanical seals to support these highly regulated industries.  

Upstream - Oil & Gas Drilling and Transferring

Component seal:

PB02: The most used seal with a proven track record of exceptional performance.  It is suitable for a wide range of services: from water and steam to chemical and corrosive materials.

PB05:  It is ideal for equipment with confined space requirements and limited seal chamber depths.

PB07: It is a full convolution elastomeric bellows seal and its self-aligning design feature compensates for excessive shaft end play and run-out.

Cartridge seal:

PZ46: The simple design results in a more robust and reliable seal for general industrial applications.  It meets key industry pump standards.

Midstream/Downstream - Refining, Processing

Component seal:

PC06:  Is available in a wide range of elastomers for handling virtually every industrial fluid and can be easily built into a cartridge seal.

PC19:  Hydraulically balanced multi-spring DIN24960/EN12756 mechanical seal used in high pressure sealing applications.

Cartridge seal:

PZ01 and PZ02:  Heavy-duty cartridge seal specifically designed for maximum reliability in demanding applications.

PZ47 and PZ47D:  Medium duty and designed to full ANSI and DIN standards. 

PG11 and PG11D: Industry-leading API standard seal configurations that are fully qualified and compliant.

Metal Bellows

PJ01: Designed for high-temperature liquid sealing applications: -75°C to + 425°C/-100°F to + 800°F.

PJ05: All-alloy, corrosion-resistant construction intended for crystallization, caustic, and acid service.

Seal Support Systems

TFV21:  Designed to improve steam gasification allowance, meet the temperature limits of the subsidiary element, reduce coking and polymerization, and improve lubricity.

TFV52 and TFV53A: Reservoir-based seal support systems designed for both API plan 52 and 53A applications to support unpressurized and pressurized dual seals.

TFV53B: Accumulator-based system which uses a bladder to maintain pressure to pressurized dual seals and absorb barrier fluid thermal expansion.


TF-P221: High-temperature graphite braided packing that offers dimensional stability, reduced process contamination and ease of use.

TF-P236, TF-P241, and TF-P242: High-strength braided packing designed to handle a wide range of fluids.  They feature superior chemical compatibility.