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Pulp and Paper

Grinding, cutting, bleaching, cleaning, and de-watering are critical processes in the pulp and paper industry.  Reduction of energy and water consumptions is critical to reducing operating cost.  TF Seals provides sealing solutions which can help to reduce water, energy, and maintenance cost.

Pulp and Paper

Cartridge seal:

PZ01 and PZ02:  Heavy-duty cartridge seal specifically designed for maximum reliability in demanding applications.

PZ47 and PZ47D:  Medium duty and designed to full ANSI and DIN standards. 

TFSL01 and TFSL02:  Designed for handling abrasive slurry applications.

Split seal:

TFSP01: Designed to handle axial run-out and vibration issues.


TF-P218: Constructed of high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant fibers for excellent chemical resistance and dimensional stability.