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Water and Wastewater Treatment

TF Seals offers sealing solutions to water and wastewater treatment facilities which result in significant cost savings. Water and wastewater

Component seal:

PB01: Compact, single spring elastomer bellows seal.

PB02: Industrial duty elastomer bellows shaft seal.

PB05:  Multi-purpose, elastomer bellows seals, suitable for compact working height.

PB07: Full convolution elastomeric bellows seal with self-aligning design feature which compensates for excessive shaft end play and run-out.

PB12: General purpose elastomer bellows seal.

Cartridge seal:

PZ46: The simple design results in a more robust and reliable seal for general industrial applications.  It meets key industry pump standards.

PZ47 and PZ47D:  Medium duty and designed to full ANSI and DIN standards. 


TF-P236, TF-P241, and TF-P242: High-strength braided packing designed to handle a wide range of fluids.  They feature superior chemical compatibility.