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Split Mechanical Seals

TF Seals split seals have been used to seal process-critical pieces of rotating equipment with ​successful results and many years of leak-free operations.  Shaft diameters ranging from 38.1-215.9 mm (1.5-8.5 in.)  Split seals have components which split into two halves—​eliminating the need for costly equipment tear-down when replacing the seal; and saving hours of costly downtime and labor. Companies benefit from increased uptime, improved safety, and reduced maintenance costs. Split seals are ideal for sealing lower to moderate pressures, temperatures, and shaft speeds.

TF Split cartridge seal TFSP TF SP01 adopts our advanced split seal technology.  Its unique, easy-to-install design readily adapts to horizontal and vertical equipment.  Its hydraulically pressure-balanced design ensures seal integrity during system upsets.  The TF SP01 eliminates the need to dismantle any piece of equipment, large or small.  Its fully split design can be installed in less than 30 minutes, either on the packing sleeve or directly on the shaft.  For more information